Letting Go Of Who They Will Become.

I am watching my children, as still as I can be.
I am saying less and watching more.
I am open, and when I feel myself start to shut down again, I bring myself back.
I want to see what types of lives the children will live when free of the fears that misguide us so often.
I want to see which directions they will be drawn to without my judgments pushing them this way or that. They are free, as am I.
I believe they are strong and will figure out what is best for them, especially when they do not suffer from worry.

I have freed myself as I no longer fret about who they will become. That is not for me to decide and my worry would only be wasteful. Oh, it is so freeing to just be with them and not make up stories in my head about the future or the past. I know that they have everything that they need and will ever need, as do I. We are all taken care of.
Think of how much space they will have to explore, without my useless banter getting in the way. The world is so new to them and I am giving them the space to explore it.
I want to say thank you. If only I could express gratitude in one word to no one in particular, I would.

I want what they want. I want what is…