What are cultured/fermented foods? An introduction.

Cultured foods are foods which have broken down by yeast, bacteria or
Fungi. They consume complicated substances like carbohydrates and sugar, breaking it down into simpler forms while producing acid or alcohol. The acid or alcohol preserve their environment, making it impossible
for harmful bacteria (like botulism) to occur. They also produce valuable
enzymes and minerals. They unlock nutrients making them easily absorbable.
Some better known fermented foods are yogurt, cheese, wine, beer, sauerkraut and hard alcohol. The alcohol you buy no longer has any probiotic benefits. Most commercial sauerkraut is pasteurized. it
does not contain the beneficial bacteria if it has been.
Increasingly more I am seeing other cultured foods in health food stores
such as kefir, kombucha, sprouted grains and traditional pickles.
Most cultures I am encountering have some form of fermented foods which I will cover in another post.
Fermenting foods at home is easy. You can do it in little time with very little equipment and it is safe. I started with making mozza and sauerkraut and then moved to kombucha. After that I dabbled in kimchi, beet kvass, fermented fish sauce, kefir and lastly I am making water kefir.
I’ve never felt better.
Each cultured food has their own different properties and benefits. Diversity in our body is key!
So eat your cultured foods and eat them often! You can pretty much ferment any real food!
Please let me know what you would
like to know more about!


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