What does attachment parenting mean to me? My first thoughts on it…

I know that the topic of attachment parenting is controversial. Unless, we say that by attachment we mean the bond between child and parent and that the goal is to build this bond. We can further this and say that the bond always comes first. That means that whatever we “do to them” must not hurt that bond. This bond is what brings cooperation and joy to the parent/child relationship.
It just makes sense that when we feel good and trust someone, that we would want to cooperate with them. It also makes sense that in this relationship we are free to make our own choices. This is the tough one. I struggle with letting my children be free. We’ve been SO conditioned to prevent children from doing anything that is child-like even if it is harmless. The last time we were at McDonalds, my son who is two was pushing around a high chair from the inside of
it. People were covering the ends of tables with their hands even if he was no where near bumping his head. They said “be careful” even though he was slow and thoughtful about his movements. One man even tried to dangerously wrench his body out of there, until I said ” He’s ok”. Turns out that because I let my kids do what they want, they are quick to oblige when I ask them not to do something. Like run out into traffic or swing my freshly sharpened boning knives at each other.


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