Could Fecal transplants be the future, or are we too squeamish? “It’s like probiotics on steroids.”

Very few bacteria are actually harmful to us. When bacteria and yeast get out of balance, that is when we suffer.
Our bodies need diversity, like described in the principles of permaculture.. Nature does best with the
most diversity possible so that nothing is able to get out of balance.
It seems we’ve lost our balance and are now overwhelmed by sickness and disease. Could an imbalance in intestinal gut flora be the cause of all our problems? This idea is gaining a lot of popularity.
We are already agreeing on the benefits of yogurt, right? Then there’s the more uncommon probiotics like kefir, kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut and fermented grains. Although I am seeing these life-giving foods increasingly more!
But today I discovered a totally new probiotic. One that is never talked about among fermentation enthusiasts. It could be the MOST beneficial of them all, but will make your stomach turn. THIS is intense.
My father had just called me and like always was telling me his interesting stories. This story was about a woman who was given probiotics (an inoculation) by doctors from… her husbands poop.
They call it a fecal transplant. “It cured her” says my dad casually and light heartedly.
I had to look it up, but Information on this topic was not easy to find until I found this doctor talking about it on his science blog ” What if, instead of re-constitituing healthy gut flora one species at a time, you could simply take the entire fecal contents from a healthy person and use it to re-colonize your own gut–in other words, undergo a fecal transplant? Yes, it’s like probiotics on steroids: getting an infusion of someone else’s gut flora in order to re-establish a healthy gut ecology of your own, and squeeze out some potentially harmful organisms along the way.”
He offered this as an alternative to antibiotics which kill everything including the important and all-protecting bacteria. Wonderful! But are you sold yet?
The Center for Digestive Diseases is studying this and proposes that it could be beneficial for colitis, neurological disease, Parkinson’s, crohns, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome. That sounds great too but I have questions like
“Why wouldn’t I just take probiotics?!?!?”.
The fecal transplant restores the body’s intestinal flora back quickly and in one shot.
Just when I thought I was close to knowing it all, there is still so much more to discover…I’ve been humbled again.

*update* woman cured by fecal transplant.


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