Parenting in the city when you live in a small town.

I am in the kitchen now, over a pot of soon to be hollandaise sauce for the upcoming eggs benadict. Now that I have mastered the sauce, I can reminisce and blog while doing it. I am thinking about yesterday…

It is me and my two youngest, Nova and Emmett and we are in the big city, Moose Jaw for the day. My mom has dropped us off so she can shop and we are playing at McDonalds, outside. They decided that outside was much more appealing than the McNuggets and greasy playplace. When they initiated the play outside, my first reaction was "ah! No! Drive through and parking lot vehicles will cause horrific toddler death!" I talked myself out of it while noticing the stares and wishing that I had only thought my thoughts. And so we went outside. I have noticed that when I am inflexible and controlling, that is when Emmett who is two, becomes frantic. Very frantic. He becomes desperate to gain back control of himself and so he darts here and there and under and over, just out of my reach. And he giggles, because it's just a game. This makes me giggle. And with the laughter, I thank myself for no longer seeing children as innately evil beings that need to be controlled.


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