Ferment your potatoes and digest them too!


Potatoes make me tired and feel
just downright poopy. Unless! Unless I ferment them first! I imagine that a good portion of the starches are eaten this way.

Fermented Potatoes:

Cut up potatoes into fries, hashbrowns or for boiling. Don’t cut too small as they could ferment too fast.
Put potatoes in glass jar.
Add salt.
I added 1 tsp of salt per Litre (four cups) I did a gallon (4 tsp salt)
Fill with unchlorinated water leaving a couple inches of space at top.
make sure potatoes are all under brine.
Ferment on counter three days.
It will get bubbly and frothy and wonderful.
Then rinse and cook as you normally would, for potatoes.
I fried mine in real lard.
The trick to crispy potatoes is to dry them. Make sure they are very dry.


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  2. I have been looking for a good and easy recipe to Ferment Potatoes as we really do like them, but DH is getting prone to Diabetes and I am trying to expand his horizons with food that is less carbs and tastes good too.
    These sound delicious and I am going to make them tomorrow.
    Can’t wait to taste them.
    Thanks for sharing this recipe with those of us who would like to make different things to eat.

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