Who am I!?!?

The long awaited question that hovers over us…How do we even begin to explain the depths of who we are? What words could be beautiful and complex enough to describe?I think about "who am I?". I should know. What if somebody asks. I am not homemaker nor gardener, that is what I do…so whooooo am I?


Right now I am fingers on keys, heart pondering and searching to be a part of something. In just a quick minute I will be fork flipping bacon and fingers testing eggs. But Nova calls me to be mommy stopping sharp knife on wooden chair. Why must i be anything else but now and here? We are so much more than what we do. I feel fluid like water, forming to whatever happens to be…

And in the end it doesn't matter except for the matter I make. The meaning I place is my own. No need to worry about concrete rules or something I have missed….I am creating…making it up as I go…

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