Oh, words!

Get me or get me not…it doesn't matter. You will take what you can and I like that. You will only see some of my words. You can only relate to some of this. What do i mean anyways? It doesn't matter. It's your experience not mine. I don't even really exist until you think of me. You read this and you wonder if I am a little crazy maybe, or you think I am super enlightened. But I think you are thinking of you not me. Everything comes back to me, or rather you. I wonder how long I could go on and keep your attention? spinning round and round down rabbit holes of possibilities and complexities that are really quite simple. Are you bored yet? Confused? All is well. perfect and exactly as it is meant to be. What else could it be? It's just words from my thoughts.And my thoughts are just thoughts that really don't mean anything until I say so.I am scared to speak now. I am excited to use words. It all exists at once. Happening here. oh, words.


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