TV, to be or not to be in your house?

The holiday season is here. A time when over and over indulging is accepted. Lounge around, wear pajamas all day, eat lots and lots of treats and just do whatever you feel. The children don't seem to be over indulging though. They aren't eating treats like Halloween when they had to ask me for their own puke buckets. They haven't watched any tv. None! Not even the older children who are capable of putting it on themselves…. Why is this? I think it is because there are so many people available to them. People who love them and value their presence. We all sit in the living room, just being, for an entire week. Music plays sometimes, we snack off and on and I like to mess around in the kitchen. and the children soak it up. They float from person to person sharing their love. Tv? What is that?!?!

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