This! (On Child Development)

I am imagining all the ways that I will love them today. I will put Emmett up on the counter to inspect his infected toe. He will say " this " in a low voice as he points at it and then looks up at me with those huge brown eyes.
Oh, will I please remember how he used only one word word to convey so many different meanings. It's really quite brilliant. He uses tone, expression, body language and "this" to say what he wants, what has happened or is feeling. Happy, sad, curious, hurt or angry… He can say it all with a this. I love it. I feel no desire to push for more words. I know that they will come and I'll feel a pang of sadness as this leaves us as fast as it came. And so I'll go on loving this and I'll avert my eyes from the development charts because they just really don't understand the intelligence required to use only one word to meet all your needs.


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