The extreme gratitude for deep sadness

One thing pulled me out of debilitating depression. I was pregnant with Emmett and I could not bring myself to do anything. I couldn't get make food or even get up.
But one thing changed it all, and that was the idea that I did not have to believe my thoughts.
Up until then " I can't " was all I could think. I don't know where it came from or why, but that didn't matter for becoming happy again.
After I was done believing that I couldn't, I started reflecting. I thought about how that one little thought could be so paralyzing and I felt immense joy-filled-tears gratitude.
I was grateful for having the experience to know what it is like to be so sad.
It has made it possible for me to be with others in their sorrow without thinking that they should not be feeling what they are. And that seems like logic, but how many times have you tried to alter someone's mood? We do it all the time.
So now when I start to feel that sadness or that anger creep in, I stop. Ad I say "ah! I remember! ". I remember what it's like and it helps me be kind and understanding. And so I say thank you to my dark feelings. And then thy leave me.

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