Six EASY health changes you make now!!

Making healthy changes doesn’t have to be hard. I started gradually and built on it for years. Here are a few things that I have learned. Important and easy health changes, six of them. Will you do it?

1. EASY: Always have water accessible, especially for kids. I have a counter where I keep sippy cups and water bottles for them. EXTRA CHALLENGE: If you want to go more extreme, stop buying juice! I did and now they don’t even notice it. Juice has become the treat for at a special supper or at restaurant.

2. EASY: Use butter and never margarine. It’s just as easy. It is more expensive, but I can make up for it by removing a few processed treats from our cart. EXTRA CHALLENGE: remove all processed treats and foods from cart! I am finally at the point now where I never buy processes foods. Nourished Kitchen’s butter vs. margarine

3. EASY: Use coconut oil. It’s almost magic. check out this coconut research center. I use coconut oil in cooking, baking, smoothies. I have a neighbor who eats virgin coconut oil of the spoon.

4. Buy organic apples. Organic apples are easily available and one of the cheaper organic produces. They are also the most sprayed when non-organic, being poisoned up to six times! I buy them in huge bags, and it’s often what my kids will go for rather than the non-existent processes snacks in our house. Try them with peanut butter or cheese. apples worst for pesticides, article at CBC

5. Eat eggs, they are amazing. I add them to soups and sauces and pudding. women’s health magazine on eggs

6. Add in probiotics. A healthy gut is the key to good health. You can buy already made cultured foods like yogurt, kefir, kombucha, water kefir, unpasteurized sauerkraut, pickles and relish (the brand Bubbies sells traditional fermented pickles, sauerkraut and relish. My kids LOVE them.) EXTRA CHALLENGE: make cultured (fermented) foods at home! Cultured Food Life, my go-to for fermented foods.


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  1. i’ve got lotus eating virgin coconut oil off the spoon too! haha. this is lovely. we just need to work on number 6 over here! (other than yogurt itself..) nice post. 🙂

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