Mom interrupted

Grandma has taken the kids to the park.

This could mean a lot of things for a mother of four who has suddenly found herself alone.

To suddenly eliminate the possibility of being interrupted. interrupted. as if I had better things to do, what I really wanted to do and now I am doing this. Shall I eliminate this word, this feeling of interruption? This is what I am dong, whatever it is in this moment. Them the children crying. Or him the neighbor complaining. Or me the stomach growling. It's all a part of it. So not more interruptions…

Rather I would like to see myself just flow into things never missing a beat except for when I do, but it doesn't matter because the mind accepts it and therefore flows on…Ah, the most important (to me atleast) is acceptance. Why dwell? Why worry about what has happened or what will happened? With acceptance I can go on… These ideas are redundant and well known but how well do I actually let go and live? This means skipping, dancing, laughing…ok well those things are easy. It means forgiving myself for forgetting my love, for yelling, for judging. It's remembering that everything is ok. It's even accepting what I don't accept. Oh, how I make me laugh!

We grow, we learn, we love. I love.


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