Food Humblings, so far.

I’ve been humbled again and again, by my extreme lack of knowledge. I thought that I was doing right by my children with whole grain breads and pastas. Further research explains to me why so many are gluten intolerant. Not only is it indigestible, it takes nutrients from our bodies to pass through, they are called phyto-nutrients. I thought salad greens were good as they are, as my kids chomped down like little rabbits. But salad is nothing without the all important fat-soluble activators. I thought if it was organic then it was safe, but so much of it has added sugar and negative calories. I now look at those little applesauce packs and see nothing of value. And even though they are unsweetened, the apples have been heated and the nutrients destroyed.
Now, do I have you thinking? Is it that I am mad or are you too humbled by our lack of knowledge? and I have just begun…my journey is not just what to eat, but how to eat. I absolutely LOVE the book ” Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon. It rocked my world and turned it completely upside down. Using old and traditional wisdom, it made so much sense. This is no fad diet book.


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