Amazing you!

So, I think I am going to start writing. wait, what am I doing right now if I am not writing?

I am going to make an increased effort to put down my thoughts onto paper in an order that makes sense to most. I want to make you realize what you already know and you can go "ahhhhh!" and nod affirmatively with tears in your eyes.

Give yourself credit as you read wise words, because without your acknowledgment they wouldn't exist.

It's all you. And you're having this experience right now. Aren't you amazing?!?! You are powerful beyond wildest dreams of sleeping with tigers in tall grass, or something equally seemingly impossible.

Take a look at your fingers. So intricate and perfectly designed with so many different textures and colours. Watch as they reach out to respond to this note. amazing! Look at how supported you are by your hands! Brain says I like this and the fingers reach out to say "like".



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