A wall of wounds

There is a wall of wounds which separates many of us. It is old and overgrown holding each painful Memory carefully in thorns. Yet we don’t realize how much we love our wall, and the lengths we go to protect it. I have used my wall to prevent me from having experiences and close relationships. I have clung to ideas and thoughts, but I am choosing a new belief now. One that recognizes that we all have healing to do. Beliefs that tell me I do not have to believe my thoughts. Instead I can laugh and know a better truth. One that says that we can take down our walls. I am building doors into mine, so please come inside
and have a look around. Sometimes the growth will be so slow and I may need reminding to keep going. And I will continue to witness people letting others in, more and more and always at our own pace and that is more beautiful than words can say.

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