Is it enough? (blogging about blogging)

I find great inspiration in other people’s blogs. I love to read what other people are doing and how they are living. Many of them are so truthful and raw, it gives me the motivation that I seek to move forward in my own journey for truth and rawness.
I just read a bog by Unschooling mom, Mamapoekie titled ” Education Work Paradox” and in it she says ” we are a folk that defines themselves by their activities”.
I so often sense this pressure of being my value and worthiness being associated with what I do.
Even among our group of close friends, I hear comparisons among husbands and wives about who is doing enough and who is not. Are the stay at home moms doing enough? I find myself falling into this trap as I get myself wound up over what I think my partner is lacking. I have even gone so far as to make lists of it! I forget that he is doing his best and that it’s wonderful. I can easily dismiss all of that he did do because of one thing that I remain fixated on. How rude! I know that he too gets tired and needs to rest and just be. Deeply, I want him to do what he desires, and so I remind myself. I believe in freedom and freewill and so I need to work at not being so critical and judgmental. I think I am not alone here… And so, I have requests of him, not demands. And you know what? If I tell him when it’s important to me, it usually gets done. Or I empower myself and find a way to do it myself. I learn so much in these times. I learn not to hang shelves at eye level (ouch!) And to use drywall screws and find the stud (crash!).
But anyways, so what makes us worthy and valuable? Being born. Being human. That’s it. You don’t have to do a thing. But once you realize this, and I mean truly sense it to your core, I think you’ll feel inspired to do more.

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