A basic sauce of butter and eggs

A basic, decadent and nourishing SAUCE or cheese sauce. ( Flourless and milk-free.) This is super thick and creamy.

Begin to melt,
1 CUP OF BUTTER, you want it hot ( I used organic, grass-fed)
5 EGGS, plus
2 YOLKS in a separate saucepan (with the heat off) whisked until thickened and buttery yellow.
Whisk in:
1 TBSP VINEGAR (I used apple cider)

Put on low heat and whisk some more!
I lift pot up and down, off of heat, now and then to prevent cooking eggs too quickly.
As soon as you can see bottom of pot
Like this:



when you whisk,
Remove from heat.
Stir in
1 TBSP cold butter whisked until melted in.
Begin to dribble in melted, hot butter (the one cup at the beginning) and whisk oh so much more! You can add it more quickly after about half a cup
Of the butter.
And voila! You have a basic Flourless, milkless sauce! And it’s sooo good for you. A perfect addition to steamed veggies. If it’s too thick you can add a little milk or water.

CHEESE SAUCE: now I am going to add a cup of old, organic, white cheddar. Put on low heat until cheese is melted. Try with cayenne or hot pepper for those that like spicy stuff!
Possibilities are endless!
It’s also excellent as a nacho dip.

Tonight I am going to dribble this cheese sauce over cooked ground meat with sauteed onions and broccoli. A major hit at our house!

Keeps well in fridge.


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