Super nutrient dense QUICHE (crustless)


Transformable Crustless Quiche:

I don’t often measure ingredients, and with this recipe we are going to guess a bit. Here’s what I did:

Sautée in grass-fed butter (I did them all separately):

-Onions *tip* I start my onions in the afternoon and cook them on low over a longer period of time. This GREATLY enhances the flavour.
-Anything else!!! Possibilities are endless.

Once the sauteed ingredients are cooled a bit mix with 4 eggs beaten plus 2 yolks for extra goodness. Add one cup of milk or cream, rice milk, almond…whatever you fancy.
I added pepper and parsley to the mix.
Pour into pie dish and top with cheese.(about one cup, but more is better)

Bake at 350 for about 25-30 min.

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