How can this be considered ugly?

This is the time of year when I see my neighbors outside fretting over the dandelions. Some people laboriously dig each one out. Others swing off the flowers with a golf club to prevent them from going to seed. And then some of my neighbors spray them. I am always alarmed when I walk past an area of recently poisoned weeds. Slumped over and wilted, they look like big worms dying. Why? I don’t get it. We can eat dandelions, and they are very nutritious. They grow so easily. We put so much energy into growing food that is unsuitable and needs a lot of care yet we kill a lot of the foods that grow in abundance. I’ve seen many beautiful apple trees hacked off at the limbs because the owner didn’t want to deal with the apples. I feel sad, but I’ll take your apples!
AND, dandelions are a first food for bees. Just think about it.

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