First blog post, ever.

Is it really this easy? I’ve set up this blog in a couple of minutes and am now ready to tell the world how brilliant I am. What’s a blog for anyways?
But truly, my goal is to write about things that will inspire you, to inspire me, to inspire you and on and on.
Are you still with me?
They say the first few sentences are the most important, otherwise you lose people. So, I think I’ll offer up some things of value…I promise to continually post amazingly brilliant and yummy things that you can easily make at home. Recipes that will make you feel wonderful and cure you of whatever ails you. I am always looking for new and easy ways to create nourishing foods that my friends and families will love. Along this way I have created some very distasteful meals, such as the “hidden” liver spaghetti sauce. Just the smell of it is enough to have your neighbor/friend promptly return the ziploc container of it before I had even walked away after delivering it. Oh, but I love all of this and I’m hoping you can learn from my experiences and that you will share yours with me. Just recently I mastered a traditional butter cream frosting made with eggs, butter, maple syrup and real vanilla. Honey will work too. Ingredients to thrive on! I’ll be sharing the secrets and much, much more. I may even let you in on some of my obvious lack in writing skills and grammar! Stay tuned…


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