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Fermented Banana Muffins (Grain-free, GAPS)


I’ve had this idea for a while…
What if instead of replacing sugar with out natural sweeteners, we just ate things less sweet? Could companies make things less sweet instead of adding artificial sweeteners? I think so.
My tastes have certainly changed since eating a more traditional diet. I actually find many things too sweet. Sometimes an apple is overwhelmingly sweet to me!
So, I was on the hunt for a “less sweet” banana muffin recipe that still had butter and eggs in it and used fermented bananas.
It was nowhere to be found! And so I had to invent it.
We always have such an abundance of wonderful pastured eggs here and they are so good for you, I use a lot of them.
I used 15 for this recipe, but it’s also a double recipe. If you’re like me, you make huge batches and share them with friend, neighbours while still gorging on them yourself!

Less Sweet Fermented Banana Muffins RECIPE:

-I ferment the bananas in a glass container for up to a week. They get sweet and black. You’ll need about 8-10 bananas for this recipe. I always make more and use it for other stuff, or
freeze it. It will keep in fridge for weeks longer too.

-Now is the time to get happy and preheat your oven. If you won’t do it now… When!?!? 325 degrees.

-Start melting your butter or coconut oil.


2 cups of coconut flour
1 tsp baking soda
4 tsp baking powder
10 eggs yolks plus 5 eggs (or 10 whole eggs, but I prefer the yolks for extra nutrients and good fat)
2/3 cup melted butter or coconut oil
2 TBSP vanilla
1 tsp cinnamon
3 joyful dashes of salt
1/4 cup sweetener (maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar or nectar or Rapadura- use more sweetener if you are use to really sweet stuff)
3 1/2 cups of fermented bananas (if you don’t have enough you can sub any kind of milk)

I put everything in a bowl and mix it like muffins never should be! It’s so against the rules, but since it’s gluten-free it will be ok!

Bake 15-20 min at 325.

-Eat it and enjoy the natural essence and sweetness of the bananas. Close your eyes if you have to.

*update* this is what the fermented banana looks like pre-fermentation.
Will post post-ferm picture later!


How To Parent Effectively.

We all want the how-to’s when it comes to parenting.
There are SO many books on parenting and they all promise to give you exact recipes for getting your child to act a certain way.
But I must consider, why are we so intent on controlling our children? And in such an extreme way?
If we want them to be flexible and cooperative then we must be flexible and cooperative.
I read an article yesterday (will post link when I remember which one) and it was talking about how we wouldn’t treat another adult that why, so why do we do it to our most vulnerable?
It got me thinking about other vulnerable members of society, the elderly.
We don’t put grandpa in a time-out when he eats ALL the cookies.
Nobody spanks grandma to make her learn that she can not go outside naked.
I think our poor treatment of children stems from fear.
Fear of what others think and fear of who our children will become.
I only have this small and effective piece of advice: BOND WITH THEM.
Bond with them after they’ve “disobeyed” you. Bond with them when they throw a fit. Bond with them when they play in the toilet. Bond with them when they physically hurt someone. Bond with them when they please you.
It has taken me a long time to learn how to bond and what it actually is. I am still working on it. Its important to forgive yourself when you fail.

Deep connection + adult + child =
a wonderful life.

So, that’s it. There’s my recipe.


GIVEAWAY! Fermented Cod Liver Oil/High Vitamin Butter Oil Capsules


I am going to be giving away a FREE bottle of Green Pastures FCLO/High Vitamin Butter Oil. Will ship to anywhere in the world!

The reason I am doing this is to help
someone in need and to shamelessly promote myself. Haha!
I am very passionate about these sacred foods and their ability to heal our bodies.

TO ENTER: please send an email to me explaining why you need the FCLO/High Vitamin Butter Oil. Please feel free to tell me a bit about yourself and your journey with real foods!

Contest closes June 18, 2012.

I will be posting some of the inspiring letters that I receive!

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Letting Go Of Who They Will Become.

I am watching my children, as still as I can be.
I am saying less and watching more.
I am open, and when I feel myself start to shut down again, I bring myself back.
I want to see what types of lives the children will live when free of the fears that misguide us so often.
I want to see which directions they will be drawn to without my judgments pushing them this way or that. They are free, as am I.
I believe they are strong and will figure out what is best for them, especially when they do not suffer from worry.

I have freed myself as I no longer fret about who they will become. That is not for me to decide and my worry would only be wasteful. Oh, it is so freeing to just be with them and not make up stories in my head about the future or the past. I know that they have everything that they need and will ever need, as do I. We are all taken care of.
Think of how much space they will have to explore, without my useless banter getting in the way. The world is so new to them and I am giving them the space to explore it.
I want to say thank you. If only I could express gratitude in one word to no one in particular, I would.

I want what they want. I want what is…